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Thesis Defenses

Nombre Título Fecha Mentor Departmento
Bianca A. Torres Hernández, Ph.D. Valerenic acid (VA) and Valeriana officinalis (VAL) extracts: Modulators of Pentylenetetrazol (PTZ) induced behaviors in Danio rerio (zebrafish) Diciembre 5, 2014 José Ortiz, Ph.D. Farmacología
Carmelo Orengo Mercado Structural and Functional Analysis of Recombinant TWIST2 and TWIST2 Selected Mutant Proteins Found in Setleis Syndrome Patients and the Impact of Q119X Mutation among the Puerto Rican Population Noviembre 24, 2015 Carmen L. Cadilla, Ph.D. Bioquímica
Coral Rosa Falero, Ph.D. Modulation of PTZ induced seizures in zebrafish with Cirus aurantium diciembre 8, 2014 José Ortiz, Ph.D. Farmacología
Emilee E. Colón Lorenzo, Ph.D. Plasmodium berghei glutathione S-transferase: Crucial for parasite development and target for novel antimalarial drugs Diciembre 17, 2014 Adelfa Serrano, Ph.D. Microbiología
Joan Ballista Hernández, Ph.D. Role of Murine APE1 in the Repair of DNA Damage: Implications in Colorectal Carcinogenesis Diciembre 15, 2015 Sylvette Ayala, Ph.D. Farmacología
Krystal Colón Rivera, Ph.D. Role of antioxidants in preventing cathepsin B induced neurotoxicity in HIV infected macrophages Diciembre 7, 2015 Loyda Meléndez, Ph.D. Microbiología
Rosa I. Rodríguez Cotto, Ph.D. African Dust Particulate Matter 2.5 Reaching Puerto Rico; Its Role Genereting Oxidative Stress and Mechanism Associated to Inflammatory Responses in Lung Cells Mayo 13, 2014 Braulio Jiménez, Ph.D. Bioquímica
Stephanie Palacio Betancourt, Ph.D.     Steven Tresitman, Ph.D. Anatomía
Yaría Arroyo Torres, Ph.D. Genetic Interaction Between the Saccharomyces cerevisiae OGG1 and APN1 Genes During Acute Oxidative Stress and Aging Diciembre 12, 2014 Carlos A. Torres, Ph.D. Fisología
Yisel Cantres Rosario, Ph.D. Role of the lysosomal protease cathepsin B in HIV associated neuronal dysfunction Diciembre 16, 2015 Loyda Meléndez, Ph.D. Microbiología
Marimar Hernández Pérez, Ph.D. The Role of AREs, HuR and p38 MAPK in the Post-transcriptional regulation of Interleukin-3 Mayo 21, 2015 Carlos I. González, Ph.D. Bioquímica
Maryví González Solá, Ph.D. Zebrafish Cardiac Muscle Thick Filaments: A Non-Mammalian Model for Analyzing Cardiac Muscle Thick Filament Structure Junio 25, 2015 Robert Kensler, Ph.D. Anatomía
JeanMarie Acevedo Rosario, Ph.D. The role of neuromodulators with opposite effects on the motor output of the mouse spinal locomotor network controlling hindlimb locomotion Mayo 18, 2015 Manuel Diaz Rios, Ph.D. Anatomía
Gisselle Barreto Torres, Ph.D. The role of the AMPK/PPARα pathway in mitochondria-mediated cardioprotection against experimental ischemia/reperfusion Septiembre 11, 2015 Sabzali Javadov, Ph.D. Fisología
Mónica Rivera Diaz, Ph.D. MicroRNA-27A and other MicroRNAs as prognostic markers and potential targets for astrocytoma therapy Septiembre 18, 2015 Pablo E. Vivas, Ph.D. Bioquímica